For those of us fortunate enough to live in the town, Portishead is a wonderful place to live.

Set on the Severn estuary, within commuting distance from Bristol the towns boasts motorway access, good schools, low crime, the lake grounds, a lido and open spaces. An ideal town for families, house prices will only go one way (subject to cyclical recession of course).

However, some would argue that Portishead is no longer a village but a town, which of course it is. The Marina development keeps spreading toward Bristol along the Portbury wharf; a proliferation of mainly leasehold luxury apartments. Although the infrastructure never keeps pace (the rail link should have happened years ago) there is an exodus of school children competing for places as the town’s appeal grows.

As house prices rise inexorably first time buyers feel the strain. With no sign of the government’s much vaunted promise of a housing supply boost the market will continue with firm prices.

There are, however, some signs of reaching a plateau. With earnings failing to keep pace with the cost of living house prices will come under pressure from one direction, however in the absence of any supply side pressures prices will never go in to freefall and those individuals who invest as opposed to simply living in their properties will see returns over time outpace equity investments. The assumption also being that stress testing of the high street banks will safeguard against future collapses in the banking system. Time will tell.

Nestled on the edge of Portishead in the village of North Weston sits a piece of local history. Starting life as dock worker cottages the ‘North Weston Stores’ as it was known for so long has been a drinking den, retail shop and more recently a tattoo studio. It was built during the Zulu wars and has borne witness to the town’s industrial phase through to its current status as a great place to live. Everyone in the Gordano valley knows where we are and drives past our shop window.


Clearly, our role is to bring vendors and buyers, landlords and tenants together just like any other agent. Indeed the use of technology has in many ways created a level playing field. Anyone with internet access can see all properties available listed from the smallest independent to the largest, most expensive chain.

It must be noted also, the growth of the ‘on line’ only agent appears to offer a cost sensitive alternative. However, many agreements with on line providers may fall outside of the consumer credit/consumer protection acts so caution is urged. Moreover in an age when remoteness appears to be king (how many companies have you called only to be left listening to a pre-recorded message) direct face to face business relations have no equal. This is the company ethos here at Gordano Property Services. Being a party to a contract implies trust: and only getting to know clients needs by meeting in person creates this understanding.

Furthermore, you will be familiar with the glitzy high street names and the arrival of a well intentioned school leaver on minimum wage trying to sign you up on arrival. We know you’ll be thinking of how someone can justify fees of this nature also.

Here at GPS it’s not just our historic offices and company ethos that sets us apart, you’re much more likely to meet an investment landlord or a property lawyer that advises you on a purchase or conducts a viewing for example. And as in all services, always shop around.   When entrusting someone to sell your home or let it to somebody else, the chemistry has to be right.

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